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Hey! My name is Hanna Bowen and I am a ceramic artist. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been drawn to art from a young age. From finger painting to make mud pies in the backyard I have always found art as a great way to express myself. I earned my Bachelor's of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics and a minor in Sculpture from the University of Utah.

Artist Statement 2021

When I make art I find in it a way I can connect internally with myself and the world around me. When I am no longer alive and the memories of me fade there will still be my voice left behind. When I use my body in a forceful yet delicate way I find myself in a middle ground that is peaceful and tense, keeping me interested. I love the push and pull that clay has given me in my work. I enjoy the constant learning to not let expectations control my emotions and the outcome of my work. Art is a way I can explore my own world of memories while still connected to the present, lost daydreaming about the future.


2014 - 2021

University of Utah, Bachelor's of Fine Art with Ceramic Emphasis and Sculpture Minor



 Group Exhibition, Bad Artist and Friends - Brian Snapp, Gittins Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT


 Group Exhibition, BFA Show* at the University of Utah, Virtual






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