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I have always been fascinated with fortune cookies. I remember being a child and focusing so hard on which fortune cookie to pick because that would soon become my future. I was terrified to pick the wrong fortune cookie and have it change my life for the worst. I still find myself debating over which fortune cookie to pick when given the choice. I began to wonder if I was truly picking my fortune or if the fortune was picking me. Do we really have free choice, or do we simply follow the path that has been chosen for us by circumstances beyond our control? For this performance piece I plan to break a fortune cookie revealing the fortune or misfortune hiding within. Each day at noon I will enter the gallery and break one cookie until they are all broken. Within these fortune cookies I have written fortunate and misfortunate moments that have happened throughout my life. I decorated them with bright colors and playful patterns to contrast the stories and thoughts written inside. I wanted these fortune cookies to be welcoming and attention grabbing, almost as a veil for the serious matter written within.

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